Thursday, July 24, 2008


I don't know how you get your family to eat vegetables, but my method is to cover them in a cream sauce and then bake them with a pastry crust on top. Am I doing more harm than good? Maybe. But the family loves pot pie.

While dinner is generally put on the table with a melodramatic sigh just in case nobody noticed how hard I am working to feed and clean up after three very hungry boys, this one gets delivered with four pastry hearts on the top. John Jr. counts the hearts on top and then I remind him that there is one heart for each member of our family and that hearts stand for love.

Here's the thing. When you start preaching to other people, you end up preaching to yourself. Sometimes I forget how blessed I am to have such beautiful and healthy children, a wonderful home, and a husband that I love. The blessing gets lost in the shuffle of wiping bottoms, filling juice cups, cleaning up messes and the various other jobs that just aren't that glamorous.

So this is my confession and my prayer. I pray that the Lord will help me break the habit of complaining. I pray that I will focus on the blessing.

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