Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update on John's Job Search

Although we left Roanoke with little or no plan for a job for John, he has actually worked almost every day since we got settled in. With a cousin and a brother with large farms in the area, and a grandmother and mother that are always looking for carpenters willing to drive out to help them, there has been plenty of work for him. It is hard physical work, but I think John would prefer that to a job where he sat behind a computer all day.

John has also interviewed for several full-time jobs in the area and has had a few offers. We are really holding out for a job where all of his abilities can be used to the fullest.

So, to help occupy him while he looks and to get him out of the house so we don't drive each other crazy, he's started working for a construction company in the area. This job would also be a benefit should he decide to go for a contractor's license. So far he enjoys it and the main difficulty is adjusting our family's schedule to fit his new work schedule (which involves being at the site at 6am). So if you call or email me after 8 pm, I may be asleep...but feel free to call as early as 6 - we'll be up!

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